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Employee Advisory Committee Information

The Health Care Commission (HCC) re-implemented an Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) as provided by K.S.A.75-6510(b) by adopting EAC by-laws on August 16, 1995. The EAC is composed of 21 members, eighteen (18) of whom are active state employees and three (3) are former state employees enrolled in the Direct Bill/Retiree portion of the State Employee Health Plan. EAC members are selected by the HCC to serve a three (3) year term and can re-apply to serve additional terms if their agency will authorize their continued participation and if selected by the HCC to serve additional terms.

Selection of new EAC members is based on geographic location, gender, age, salary range, plan participation, coverage level and employing agency in order to ensure that committee membership represents the diverse membership of state employees and Direct Bill/Retiree members in the plan.

The EAC holds public meetings three (3) or four (4) times a year in Topeka. Most meetings occur during the first and second quarter of the calendar year as plan decisions are considered by the HCC for the upcoming plan year.  At the option of the committee members, the EAC may hold additional meetings as needed throughout the year. State employees must have their agencies’ approval to participate.

EAC objectives:

  • be represented by one or more of its elected officers or their designees at each meeting of the HCC;
  • receive updates about the plan from the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) staff during EAC meetings;
  • provide input and feedback to the SEHP staff; and
  • when requested by the HCC, the elected officers will report to the HCC on the committee’s ideas, suggestions and thoughts on proposals under consideration.