How The EAP Works

EAP Website : GuidanceResources Online
Company ID: SOKEAP
1-888-275-1205 (option 1)
TDD 800-697-0353

Helping With Life’s Stresses

A Benefit of the State Employee Health Plan

How Do I Contact the EAP Program?

EAP counselors are available 24/7 at 1-888-275-1205 (option 1) to provide immediate care, concern, and assistance because life’s questions don’t always come between 8 and 5.  TDD 800-697-0353.

What Can I expect When I Call the EAP?

When you call the 24-hour EAP help line, you will talk with a caring and experienced counselor who will take a small amount of initial information, and depending upon your needs will:

  • Provide any immediate help, assistance or guidance you may need
  • Connect you with a specialist for assistance with childcare, personal money management, eldercare, legal advice, etc.
  • Help you make an appointment with an EAP counselor for a face-to-face visit in your community. EAP counselors are professional counselors working for ComPsych under contract to the State. EAP counselors are not State employees. All counselors are certified or licensed in their field of expertise.

Is My Call Confidential?

EAP services are always completely confidential.  All discussions, in accordance with very stringent state and federal regulations are confidential, and no one has access to your personal information without your written permission.  The only exception is if someone is in immediate danger of harming self or others, or if child abuse is suspected.

More Information on the EAP:

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