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The KPERS Financial Wellness Learning Module is now available in your HealthQuest Portal!

May 12, 2021, 09:16 AM by Courtney Fitzgerald

Do you need help making a plan for your money? Do you have debt? Are you saving for the future?

The KPERS Financial Wellness Learning Module has the info you need to improve your finances.

This 5-week, self-paced program focuses on improving your basic money skills, including:

  • Budgeting & Retirement Income
  • Understanding Credit & Managing Debt
  • Saving for Your Goals

The goal: to help you make healthy financial decisions and boost your personal financial confidence.

Complete the 5-week KPERS Financial Wellness Learning Module in your HealthQuest Portal to earn 10 HealthQuest credits.

Visit the KPERS Active Member Website for more information on your KPERS benefits: Working Today for Your Tomorrow.


Sign up for the KPERS Financial Module Today!

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