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Wondr - Formerly Naturally Slim

Naturally Slim is now Wondr Health


Naturally Slim participants experience both mind and body health improvements. For that reason, they have rebranded, to embody what they do and the core values they believe in.

They changed their name and image to align with their mission- to do the most good for the most people-  and to better represent themselves as the behavioral and overall wellness program that they are. 

What isn’t changing:

  • Their mission of doing the most good for the most people
  • Science based and data-backed curriculum founded in behavioral science, delivered by our team of expert clinicians
  • Digital delivery to our participants on their own device with 24/7 access
  • Close-knit community of participants and health coaches
  • Measurable results

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About Your Benefits

Wondr Health, formerly Naturally Slim, is a weight management program available to Active Employees and Spouses covered by the State Employee Health Plan, or benefits-waived employees.

Wondr is a clinically-proven program that teaches the behavioral science of how to eat your favorite foods so you can lose weight, sleep better, gain energy, and so much more.

There are 4 sessions of Wondr in a plan year. Members can enroll and participate in 1 session of Wondr per plan year, and are awarded 10 HealthQuest credits for completing the first 10 weeks of the program (the “Skill Building” stage).

In the first 10 weeks, members are provided with video learning modules that provide a solid foundation of knowledge about healthy eating principles, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. An additional 42 weeks of Wondr are provided to enrollees free of cost. During this time, participants are provided with more in-depth learning modules, and ongoing support.

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2021 Class Sessions

Session 1 - February 1 - April 18 (Registration opens January 4)

Session 2 - April 5 - June 20 (Registration opens March 8)

Session 3 - June 7 - August 29 (Registration opens May 10)

Session 4 - August 16 - October 31 (Registration opens July 19)

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