Long Term Care Insurance Program - LifeSecure Insurance Company

These Long Term Care plans are distributed by ACSIA Partners LLC.

LifeSecure Insurance Company offers individual traditional Long Term Care insurance plans for eligible employees and their spouses. Employees and their spouses can apply for this coverage at any time.  
For information regarding this product, please call their customer service number – (877)-720-2165 or visit their website  Kansas LTC Options

Long Term Care Educational Brochure

Combined Insurance Company is the provider for Lifetime Benefit Term product that includes a Long Term Care Rider.  For information on this product, contact customer service at (855) 241-9891 x 3; or email: CSMail@gotoservice.chubb.com.  Fax number is  (603) 357-4532. 

Lifetime Benefit Brochure

If you do not currently have a policy and would like information, please call ACSIA Partners at 877-720-2165.